I am a freelance perfumer, fragrance stylist and scent designer. This means, I create perfumes, help curate personal collections and scent spaces. More specifically:

I am interested in working with brands, designers and artists to develop truly unique compositions.

I especially love working with brands looking to create a signature scent that doesn't smell like everything else on the market.

I am passionate about collaborating with artists in scenting spaces, bringing their brand and work to life through scent.

I am also a fragrance stylist. Similar to a wardrobe stylist, I can help you curate a collection of fragrances for various occasions. Often, venturing into the fragrance section of a department store can be daunting and overwhelming due to the selection. Allow me to use my expertise as a perfumer to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. You can expect an initial consultation where I’ll administer an olfactive examination to determine your scent preferences and understand exactly what kind of perfume(s) you are looking for. After that, there will be follow up meetings where I'll present you with an assortment of samples and ultimately bottles.